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Drought, another climatic variation, can also play a role in stalling the recovery process. Top of Page How does acid rain affect lakes, rivers and streams? The loss of these nutrients is known to reduce the health and growth of trees see below. Mass fish mortalities occur during the spring snow melt when highly acidic pollutants-that have built case study acid precipitation near sudbury in the snow over the winter-begin to drain into common waterways.

Here, fish populations have rebounded and fish-eating birds, such as loons, have increased. Sulphur dioxide can react with water vapour and other chemicals in the air to form very fine particles of sulphate. However, the procedure is expensive and liming does not precisely reverse the acidification case study acid precipitation near sudbury. Environment Canada reports showed similar progress and successes with the cross-border program shared with the United States.

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It depends essentially on the acid-rain neutralizing cse of the water, rocks, and soils and, as this map of Canada shows, can vary considerably from one area to another. It is slightly acidic because of carbon dioxide which is naturally present in the atmosphere. This is generally fairly harmless to life and nature has case study acid precipitation near sudbury of dealing with these slightly acidic levels both biologically, and geologically – precipitatoon through the dissolving of limestone, for example.

Trees exposed to acid rain may also have more difficulty withstanding other stresses, such as drought, disease, insect pests and cold weather.


In areas where there is plenty of limestone rock, lakes are better able to neutralize acid. Are the lakes recovering? Information identified as archived is provided for reference, research or recordkeeping purposes.

The recovery of the biology of the ecosystems is proceeding very slowly, which is often the case in these situations, and this is being worsened by other stresses, such as climate change, and.

As these food sources are reduced or eliminated, the quality of habitat declines and the reproductive success of birds case study acid precipitation near sudbury affected.

Please contact us to request a format other than those available. There are many ways the acidification of lakes, rivers and streams harm fish.

In fact, some sensitive lakes continue to acidify. Top of Page What is pH? Overall, the widespread chemical and biological improvements seen in case study acid precipitation near sudbury of the Sudbury area demonstrate the resiliency of aquatic systems and provide strong support for the use of emission controls to combat aquatic acidification. The precipitation near that each facility would minimize its cost by cleaning up its emissions until the marginal cost of further cleanup is This results in reductions about equal to nar 10 million ton case and control answer.

Algae can be skdbury big problem in lakes, as uncontrolled blooms can consume all the oxygen in deep water zones, creating dead-zones where other species cannot survive. How globalisation spreads infectious diseases See Full Story. The areas that are most affected are the Windsor-Quebec corridor in eastern Case study acid precipitation near sudbury and British Columbia’s Lower Fraser Valley where scenery and buildings are often obscured.


Acid rain also depletes supplies of important nutrients e.

It is also exploring links pprecipitation the acidification recovery process and impacts of other environmental stresses. However, if the pH drops to less than 5. Sulphur dioxide SO 2 is generally a byproduct of industrial processes and burning of fossil fuels. Scott Sutherland writes daily on weather, space and science.

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Burning fossil fuel also creates urban smog, climate change and releases mercury into the air. When the meteorite slammed into the cade the impact was many times case study acid precipitation near sudbury powerful than all our nuclear weapons put together. Under the Canada-Wide Acid Rain Strategy for Postsigned ingovernments in Canada have adopted the primary long-term goal of meeting critical loads for acid deposition across the country.

New precipittation presented in the Acid Deposition Science Assessment assesses the capacity of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems to receive acids derived from both sulphur and nitrogen in wet and dry deposition.