The clinician wants to have a good estimate of electronic medical record system thesis the patient sees at distance and perhaps whether visual acuity is changing over time. To enable speed of use, information can be compartmentalized, with details hidden and only pertinent information displayed. Special screens were built to collect information medica, protocol compliance drug accountability and to screen for electronic medical record system thesis events telephoneand links to those screens were added to the study-specific screen, along with links to study-management screens such as the visit schedule, imaging tracking, termination form, and adverse event form.

In addition to the data collected as part of the examination, there is often a considerable amount of specialized testing, such as imaging or psychophysical testing.

An Electronic Medical Records System for Clinical Research and the EMR–EDC Interface

The information collected by the nursing electronic medical record system thesis, such as medical history and chief complaint, is generally in a narrative format, and for clinical care purposes, space for narratives should be provided.

The evolution of electronic submissions. With the increase in EMR implementation, there has been a subsequent increase in interest in using these systems for clinical research and clinical trials.

As researchers have had to enter data into two electronic systems, EMR and EDC, speculation on the feasibility of tgesis these two technologies has begun. Because of the size of our project, we purchased a dedicated server and a backup for our clinical data, although in some cases a high-performance computer could be used as a server.

Support Center Support Center. This direct data transfer eliminates all transcription and subsequent errors and ysstem decreases the need for on-site audits, thus decreasing the cost of the clinical protocol.

Author manuscript; available in PMC Oct 1. However, it does not provide data that are optimal for clinical research. By collecting the data using the Early Treatment of Electronic medical record system thesis Retinopathy Study ETDRS visual acuity protocol and electronic medical record system thesis in a subform or pop-up as the system calls them and displaying only the total letters and maximum line ,edical on the main form, both goals can be accomplished Fig.


The main factors being followed are visual acuity, area of geographic atrophy, drusen area, contrast sensitivity, microperimetry, progression of AMD, and drug safety. In this manner, the physician can quickly and easily enter the part of the eye where there are pertinent findings to record, without having to page through hundreds electronic medical record system thesis elements in parts of the eye that were free of disease.

Using a database query tool allows elements collected in different tables screens to be combined into a single table for analysis Fig. Our EMR Construction The practice of ophthalmology requires the collection of data from both clinical history and examination. Standard language should be used whenever possible, again to facilitate a wide variety of clinical research.

The ability to jump quickly to a subset of elements electronic medical record system thesis to record the pertinent findings enables us to add substantially more data items without increasing the time it would take to collect the data. The electronic medical record EMRelectronci called electronic health record EHR or electtonic patient record EPRhas become one of the most important new technologies in healthcare. Because of the need for complete custom screen development, we made a decision early in the planning phase to allocate one full-time equivalent FTE toward this project.

Reckrd data must also be retrievable to make the system useful. sytsem

An Electronic Medical Records System for Clinical Research and the EMR–EDC Interface

Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. Not only are the study-specific data collected onto summary screens in medcial NextGen system, they are also collected into separate data tables for local analysis or submission to the CRO. Most focus on improvements in efficiency, patient experience, and care. The system electronic medical record system thesis a template builder that allows on-site development of the data entry screens by research staff.


A study to analyze the effect of an eye drop on progression of geographic atrophy in patients with age-related macular degeneration AMD was recently implemented in our system. We have built our screens in four groups electronic medical record system thesis discrete data entry by each of the following caretakers: The practice of ophthalmology requires the collection of data from both clinical history and examination.

Links between this screen and the electronic medical record system thesis medical history screens were established so that the data would be available as part of the overall system. The difference in the derivation and use of data shows some of the advantages of compartmentalizing data and some of the differences between a general clinical electronic medical record system thesis and a research setting. The Medical Records Institute has published the results of their survey of EHR usage, 1 and it demonstrates that usage has been predominately in the ambulatory care sector, with a focus on clinical workflow and quality of care.

Retrospective studies require review of the paper record and recompiling the data of interest.

Only the total number of letters and Snellen equivalents are displayed on the main technician screen, for easy viewing.