A century from now they might be curious as essay on the most useful invention of science what all the fuss was about. As natural fertilizer sources were depleted during the 19th century, artificial fertilizers enabled the further expansion of agriculture. Sign in Get started.

Hence, the children of today are better educated than those of sciece past. The internet and television have both added to the more sedentary lifestyles of people.

Before the Internet, it would have been laborious trying to acquire all of the resources needed for a good quality research paper.

It is used to extract gold from ore. If I need help on an assignment, instead of doing it incorrectly and seeking help the next day, my teacher and an explanation are just an email away. The existing of aircraft has turned long and exhausting journeys into a trip completed within hours.

Electricity is the greatest essay on the most useful invention of science in history because it opened people up to a whole new world. One of the most prominent features of the present century is the progress of science and its effects on almost every aspect of social life. Today, we can initiate real-time communication with someone who is in another part of the world.


Nonetheless, such machines works only with the help of electricity. Sex and Rabies in Dogs.

The Internet is the most important invention ever | Essay Writing

Many people would agree that the Internet is the most important invention of the last century. Also, people are able to find information on every subject they are interested in.

For instance, people can use computer for presentation, planning a project, playing videogames, watching TV and listening to music. Also, the people from divergent parts of the world could travel from one region to the other quickly, thereby exchanging different aspects in social and cultural experiences. Electricity to this day is the most important invention because it serves as the baseline for all inventions to come. He or she can start surfing, and then essay on the most useful invention of science far more time has passed than was intended.

A huge improvement in powering ships, the more far-reaching if of this invention was to drive generators that produced electricity.

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Patent Office in Washington, D. It appears on incention list for only one reason: The second invention I believe that it has great impacts on our social life is the creation of computer. This is an industrial era.

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He divided his inventions into those aiding three broad sectors: Many big and heavy machines are used to generate foods, goods, clothes….

The Internet, even with its flaws, is the most important invention of our modern time. How about receiving a customized one? Enter a keyword in the search box please… Search for: