November 1, at 8: A library is the temple of knowledge and a boon essay on uses of school library the people. This is free of charge. School library media centers in the 21st century can, and should be, hubs for increased student achievement and positive focused school reform –Kathleen D. Nowadays, librarians provide complete assistance and guidance with researching and navigating information.


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It revels new facts new experience of men and nations, new wonders of this vast and varied world. Dewey wrote that “a broad conception at the end of the century of the work of the schools is simply this, to teach the children to think accurately, with strength and with speed. Thus, libraries play a easay role in our studies. Importance of Reading Books and Magazines. August 25, at 5: September 3, at 8: My favourite section is the cabinet with novels and plays.

They get information which is very helpful to them in taking part in debates, giving lectures and writing for uuses school magazine. Hence, membership of the library is most important for the users because it gives the best opportunity of becoming familiar with a large number and variety of books.

Therefore, during seventh plan provision was made for promoting distance learning techniques and open school systems. Not only students but libraries also facilitate teachers with access to relevant sources and information for reference and essay on uses of school library.


The fourth survey revealed that Libraries essay on uses of school library important role in progress and development of the society.

Long and Short Essay on Library and Its Uses in English for Children and Students

Mahavir Jayanti Festival: Besides aiding in the studies of students and assisting teachers in research and teaching, school library helps in developing reading habit in the students and provide the knowledge essay on uses of school library resources to enrich the learning experience.

Reading is always the good habit. Libraries offer wealth of knowledge, resources, space and environment to discover the world of books and enjoy studying or just reading for pleasure. Gradually, the distance limit was brought down to three kilometers. Over the history libraries have played essential role in imparting knowledge.

In our country, every village should have at least one library where the people can go for knowledge and information. The design, modern tools and strategies of the school libraries change with the changing times. Librarians are the ones responsible for acquiring, managing, organizing and distributing library resources. In the schools and colleges, the students are confining their syllabus and study of the textbooks.

Public School in India after Independence. On the other hand each student is expected to maintain a diary in which he may enter date-wise, the names of all the books with the names of the Authors which he has read together with brief quotation or extracts that may appeal essay on uses of school library him. Every library has the proper management for the read the book.


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The needs and utility of the users raise the cultural standards. The newspapers keep a reader in touch with what is happening in the world around him. It consists of books and resources essay on uses of school library diverse genres and subjects. It was designed both to enlarge the content of secondary education and to make it a self contained unit within the educational process.

The school librarian performs four leadership main roles: Copypasting is out of the question, our writers perform professional research and deliver original content.