Staffing and hospital characteristics were controlled in the analysis indicating these schedule features had an independent impact on patient outcomes. To promote progress, education and training programs for managers and staff nurses would help increase datigue appreciation and knowledge about the demands of shift work, long work hours, and related sleep and fatigue issues.

Folkard S, Lombardi DA.

Shift work is associated with adverse reproductive outcomes for women. Circadian rhythms and shift working women. Declines in neurocognitive performance lead literatkre higher rates of fatigue-related injury and worker errors.

Associations between work schedule characteristics and occupational injury and illness.

Fatigued nurses also endanger others during their commute to and from work. Europe PMC requires Javascript to function effectively. Support Center Support Center. Contribute to the future of Europe PMC.

The impact of overtime and long work hours on occupational injuries relateed illnesses: Introduction Scientific evidence is growing fatitue adequate sleep is a biological need for life similar to the need to eat and drink and is critical to maintain life and health and to work safely Everson, Sleep deprivation also leads to irritability, bad mood, literature review nurse fatigue related to shift length communication skills and ability to cope with the emotional demands of the workplace.

Driver sleepiness and risk of serious injury to car occupants: See other articles in PMC that cite the published article.


Deborah is currently enrolled in a relate program at Arizona State University. Effect of short sleep duration on daily activities — United States, — Poor health behaviors and metabolic syndrome Research links shift work and long work hours to poor health behaviors. The American Nurses Association31 notes that in addition to employee accountability regarding fatigue, employers are obligated to provide adequate staffing to care for patients.

Scientific evidence provides strong support literature review nurse fatigue related to shift length the link between sleep problems and shift work. literautre

For decades, NIOSH has recognized shift work and work-related sleep loss to be rreview hazard in the workplace and has carried out an active research program to address this hazard. Extended work hours are a contributing factor in needle stick injuries among nurses,13 and rates of nurses driving drowsy doubled when they worked more than Evidence to document the fatigue issue continues to emerge literature review nurse fatigue related to shift length provide more specific data and insights for the healthcare community.

Strategies for managers and employers include improving the design of their work schedules, promoting frequent breaks during the work shift, fostering good co-worker and supervisor relationships, and establishing policies and systems that reduce the risk for fatigue and related health problems.

Journal of Occupational Health Psychology.


Literature Review Nurse Fatigue Related To Shift Length

Shift work can also interfere with treatment regimens that involve maintaining regular sleep times, avoiding sleep deprivation, and controlling amounts and times of meals and exercise. They concluded data from lirerature studies suggest the link is possible, while the evidence from animal studies is sufficient. They reported that shifts greater than 13 hours were linked to patient dissatisfaction. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

Gene Ontology GO Terms. Also, sleep duration may be shortened by insufficient time between work shifts and the competing demands of work and personal life.

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Hart Research Associates Insufficient sleep increases the risk for reduced performance on the job, injuries, obesity, a wide range of chronic diseases, and fatigue-related errors which could harm patients and other people. Work schedules and health behavior outcomes at a large manufacturer. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA 1 cautions against working more than 8-hour shifts as longer shifts may result in reduced alertness.