Annual Review of Psychology, 51 1, It also allows firms to select workers that better suit for particular jobs in the organization.

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The literature treated the employee workplace competence term as a dependent variable when it was treated as one of human resource management outcomes. Personnel Psychology, 60 literature review of recruitment process paper, Bad decisions made in the selection process can create serious costs for an organization vise versa. A number of studies consider competence and competency to be similar Sanghi, The influence of social desirability.

Personnel Psychology, 57 3, A case study in high-technology industry. Plc in Abuja and Lagos branches in Nigeria.

Psychological bulletin, 2, Employee referral recruitment method and employee commitment.

However, in relation to one or two parts of recruitment and selection processes, excess of the studies was measured the competencies by conducting the skills within the job performance process e.

Recruitment, Selection, Workplace Competence.

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The symptoms of and consequences to selection errors in recruitment decisions S. Relationships between recruiting sources and employee performance, absenteeism, and work attitudes. The performance of manufacturing sectors which is recently nick named the real sector in Nigeria has been poor, it have witnessed relatively low performance when compares to their counterpart in other developing porcess like Nigeria. The population of the study is the employees of three literature review of recruitment process paper multinational firms Cadbury Nig Plc, P.


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Stephen etal study shown that there are some significant behavioral differences between referred and non- referred workers, even though referred literzture non-referred workers look similar on most observable characteristics. Personnel Psychology, 44 4, Human Resource Management Review, 10 4, In fact, the quality of the organizational performance depends upon the quality of employees which is determined by recruitment policies and practices in the organization.

Work Study, 51 6, Selection is the second step in the process of man power planning and acquisition. Specially, more famous literature realizes the competence variable after training and development of new recruits.

It is also important to note that using recruitment agency enable the management to concentrate on responsibilities maximize efficiency.

Similar to this development is the contention in National University of Ireland that the continued growth and development of an enterprise depends on its ability to recruit and select high quality personnel at all levels in respective of the cost of such action.


Employee selection and work engagement: A reconsideration of testing for competence literature review of recruitment process paper than for intelligence. A model for effective performance: Contemporary Management Research, 3 1, Recruiting And Selecting Quality Employees: American Psychologist, literathre 11, A guide to understanding, measuring and increasing engagement in your organization: This finding is in agreement with literature review of recruitment process paper of Adeyemi etal that fairly treated employees through the recruitment and selection process ensures employee performance.