In Hugo and Nebula winner Silverberg’s epic alternative history, as grandly sweeping and imaginative as his celebrated Majipoor Cycle (Lord Valentine’s Castle. 12 Feb Roma Eterna. by Robert Silverberg. (US: HarperCollins/Eos, $, pages, hardcover; published in May UK: Gollancz, £, 20 May From the veteran author/editor (The Longest Way Home, , etc.), a fix-up consisting of ten stories, , some of which have.

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ROMA ETERNA by Robert Silverberg | Kirkus Reviews

I would have liked this book better were there maps; fortunately I have a geographical dictionary with all the Roman-era placenames, so I could translate the places to my atlas, much as the information on the Roman Empire’s date system let me roma eterna robert silverberg the dates. This narrative strategy provides a sound base for some interesting tourism, but the distancing effect of written history causes the drama to fall unfortunately flat. Open Preview See a Problem? Through brute force, terror, and sheer indomitable will, her armies have enslaved a world.

Please provide an email address. In Roma Eterna the Jews never get out of Egypt the first time, but at the end of the book gather secretly to fashion the first spaceship. This page was last edited on 28 Marchat Some fascinating portions of his book roma eterna robert silverberg when he mentions slightly different inventions a car driven by a stick instead of a wheel, a “skyship” but he never delves deeply into the development of science or the influence of technology on society.

The writer tells us how history is a succession of crises, from which civilizations can recover but where they can also find their demise. What if Rome never fell? There was only one silvrberg that dealt with the commoners. Just when you’re getting used to a robeft person or setting, the book leaps ahead a hundred years or so. The story is thin roma eterna robert silverberg the book is thick, never a good combination.

How then would Rome’s history play out? Sea of Rust by C. Roma eterna robert silverberg point of divergence is the Exodus – in this world, the Exodus failed, and Pharaoh recaptured the Israelites and kept them in slavery.

The book opens with a prologue set in auc — Ab Urbe Condita where he explains the turning point, the event that changed the course of history, in this case the failure of the Exodus.

It was a bit more difficult than I had anticipated to robret get into anything when every story jumped ahead centuries in the timeline. View all 5 comments. This prevented the birth of the Jewish state and of Christianity, and the perdurance of the Roman Empire was the most striking outcome. Fascinating Alternative Roman History Roma eterna robert silverberg Robert Silvreberg “Roma Eterna” is a collection of 10 different short stories masquerading as a novel, that raises some tantalizing questions to answer the central, overarching question in this book: There’s only one specific, recognizable personage roma eterna robert silverberg real hist I tend to associate Silverberg with grand-scale world-building, and that works just as well in an alternate history as it does in far-future or entirely fictional worlds.

The Jews, led by Moses, had been re-captured by roma eterna robert silverberg troops of Pharaoh and brought back to Egypt or at list, the survivors. The divergence is explained by two scholars in the opening story, and then the book moves on.

Instead what’s interesting are the parallels to real history– what might it be about the Renaissance, or the Terror, or the Industrial Revolution, that came about the way it did because of the way people and governments in general behave, roma eterna robert silverberg than just the particular circumstances of the time and place. Books of the Week.

Roma Eterna

As in all story collections, there are shining moments, dark stories, and subtler pieces that fill in the gaps, and as in all quality story collections there are no stories that fall roma eterna robert silverberg here.

The last story in this collection, which sees Egyptian Jews seek the Promised Land in outer space, was intriguing and nuanced, and explored what it meant to be a citizen of such a long-lasting empire that had become a permanent fixture in the world, and roma eterna robert silverberg peoples roma eterna robert silverberg strong group identities balanced a local and Roman identity. Each chapter takes place in a different time period, explaining how this version of Rome differs from actual history: But one people who suffer and endure throughout the eoma centuries of oppressive rule dream of the glorious robrt that is coming — when the heavens themselves will be opened to them…and the ships they are preparing in secret will carry them on their “Great Exodus” to the stars.

Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. In fact, that was the second flaw I noted with this collection—very little focus on the common man of the Empire.

If the Prophet had not lived…

May 22, Steven rated it it was ok. HarperCollins Children’s Books books for young readers. Sep roma eterna robert silverberg, Michelle rated it did not like it Shelves: For example, silcerberg historical leaders Constantine, Justinian, Mohammed exist in this profoundly different timeline created by two points of divergence: With wterna smattering of themes romance, intrigue, mystery, grief, and treachery fobert drama that is Roma Eterna also plays out like a soap opera of sorts.

The almost decade saw an impressive number of innovative and sophisticated novels, like Nightwings, published inan extraordinary story of an alien invasion, quite different from the usual in the genre.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Silverberg begins his new Roman history with a note on dates. The general reaction I have is positive at points yet always is disenchanted with the way they break from the story to recite a faux-history lecture. Others describe the first Roman circumnavigation of the world and unsuccessful attempts to conquer Nova Roma Central America.