I hoped to emphasize my creativity and passion for art.

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Promph makes you tick? Rachel October 20, So as you ponder a topic, think about whether or not any of your friends could write a similar essay. I was able to show I was more than just another great student, I have depth and chutzpah as my aerial teacher puts it.

I must admit the optional prompt made me think really hard. Certainly people seem so far to be in favor of more explicit directions. We are humbled that you chose to share your incredible stories with us. So the question is, are we pushing you too hard?

We have provided three additional blogs: Just let the brainstorming take over. We just want to see where students are with this. I think it really adds a personal touch to 20013 application.

DO choose a topic that is small and uniquely you. So no pressure now…right? When, months later, I read mqry prompt I was actually scared for a second. Love that you used the word Chutzpah by the way…great use of Yiddish!


I also sent in wliliam music supplement, in addition to several other optional submissions. While there are definite exceptions, most are more overdone than substantive.

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Really appreciate the feedback. DO NOT feel like you have to condense your 17 or 18 years into words. Comments are closed on posts older than one year, but wnd still want to hear from you.

I think using the prompt is a great idea, but maybe setting restrictions or letting applicants know what types of william and mary essay prompt 2013 can be sent in would be a good idea.

Lindsay S, thanks for the feedback.

Eeeek…It’s the Essay

Jessica, thank you for your thoughts. Your email address will not be published. Rachel October 12, Paintings are not at all discouraged although we generally suggest artistic students make fine arts submission because of william and mary essay prompt 2013 our fine arts faculty are more qualified to evaluate such pieces than admission deans are. There are most definitely fairly generic college abd topics: That would be unreasonable.


We used to have a part of the prompt that noted people should confine themselves to one side of one 8. Victoria, thanks for the candor. DO pick a essy that is uniquely you and DO realize that I know this is easier for me to say than for you to do. I was accepted ED!

Kat Sssay 9, It seems silly to have people send in actual artifacts, since you can submit arts supplements regardless. Your feedback is appreciated.